I'm Marcelo Ferreiro, a web developer working from Montevideo, Uruguay.

I like to define my work as aesthetic, simple & functional.

Web Develop
Responsive Design Websites optimized for all devices. Responsive and customizable designs. Full Mobile Apps/Websites.

For the last 13 years I've been working in web development, and it has been an exciting journey. I offer simple and custom-made web solutions according to the needs of each client, crafting designs and hand-coding delicately.

But, what is a web developer?

That's a good question!

Essentially, a web developer is someone who develops for internet (it may be web apps, corporate websites or complex payment platforms). Personally, I like to define myself a web dev in a broader sense.

I believe a web dev is someone who can accomplish an internet project from the very first design stage, to the back-end programming and implementation online. And even the subsequent work and monitoring of SEO, online marketing (SEM) and Social Media.

My Skills...

Web and Graphic Design
Web and Graphic Design

Web graphic identity, website design, iconography, UI, banners, etc.

HTML5 + CSS3 Markup
HTML5 + CSS3 Markup

Front-end, HTML5, CSS3, responsive, mobile, crossbrowser, and future friendly


Design and integration of WP themes, custom plugins development and more ...

Standards and Accessibility
Standards and Accessibility

Development according to w3c standards and web accessibility.

SEO + SEM Optimization
SEO + SEM Optimization

Optimizing sites for search engines, and online marketing campaigns management.

PHP+MySQL Programming
PHP+MySQL Programming

Custom web applications, CMS, eCommerce and more!

Services I offer


I create designs, websites, logotypes, stationery... I love creating things!


HTML5 & CSS3 Markup + JavaScript/jQuery: taking those designs into a website / mobile app.

Web Programming

Development of applications for content managment, online shops, web sites and personalized mobile applications.

I mainly develop in PHP + MySQL, JavaScript / jQuery and HTML5 + CSS3 for the front-end.

Online Marketing

Everything that comes after launching a website; SEO, online marketing campaigns, web support and maintenance, banner design, social media management, etc.


Outside the digital-internet world, I also offer photography services (Spanish) of products or establishments, you can visit my photo gallery: MFotos.org.

Some of my work:

Valentino Bookings

Valentino Bookings


January 2014


Design and development under WordPress of a site for the modeling agency Valentino Bookings.

Design Markup WordPress jQuery PHP+MySQL SEO

About me...

Marcelo Ferreiro, Web Developer.

My career as a web developer was mainly self-taught. For many years, even before finishing high school, I used to study and test with small projects or websites uploaded to the Internet via 56K modem ...

I remember the first site I made, hosted in a free geocities account, it was a 'Lord of the Rings' and RPG website (two of my passions besides web development). The first site to have its own domain was uruguia.info, which then turned into elFaro.com.uy, which, tough a bit abandoned, continues online until now, almost 13 years later.

From that first moment until now, I've attended several courses, read many books, worked on dozens of different projects and jobs with many colleagues from whom I've learned a lot, and hundreds of sleepless nights, which have allowed me to evolve professionally to the web developer I am today.

I am aligned with the ideals of w3c, an international organization responsible for establishing web standards and ensure the long term growth of the Internet.

I use valid HTML5 and CSS3 and the latest technologies. I follow web standards in my developments, which allow websites to be semantic, and thus have good organic search engine optimization. It also provides a correct visualization and navigation on diferent browsers, operating systems and devices, allowing greater accessibility, without leaving out minorities or non-traditional visitors.

Personal Projects:

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